The Power of Not Reacting | Stop Overreacting | How to Control Your Emotions

Learn more about Dr. Levry at DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE: READ THE NEWSLETTER HERE: You can do a hundred things right, but it takes only one thoughtless, reactive action to destroy it all. As we grow spiritually, we must attempt to enter into a state of non-judgementalism, and be more unconditional in our capacity to be more loving, tolerant and forgiving of others. Think of how many friendships and relationships with loved ones have been lost, damaged or permanently destroyed within a second as a result of being reactive. Especially, never speak in anger. Redirect your speech in prayerful meditation. Words are so powerful. What you say can never be erased, it becomes akashic record. It will follow you to infinity, it will even hurt your personality and your reputation. Use your words to heal, uplift, build and bless everyone. Do not use your words to divide and destroy others. Sometimes when you want to react, wait. It is important to practice the spiritual art of waiting because so much more is revealed in time and this leads to positive spiritual transformation. Look back over your life and remember times when you reacted and later, realize that waiting would have been better for you and everyone else. By taking time for ourselves, we allow divine intelligence to work on the subconscious level in ourselves and others so that we may be shown what to do next. The process of not reacting is a spiritual practice that develops your awareness. It makes you more conscious and open to listen to the voice of divine wisdom causing you to see things from a broader perspective. When you are more conscious your character starts to change. A conscious person is more compassionate. Happiness is not possible without self-discipline. For us to operate from a place of pure consciousness we have to be completely free from all negative conditionings, all complexes, all unhealthy likes and dislikes and prejudices so that we may have absolute neutrality. All situations we are faced with happen in order to provide us with opportunities for growth and learning. They prepare us for things that may happen in the future to ourselves or others. In the present moment these things cannot so clearly be seen. By not reacting we allow ourselves to enter more into a neutral space of our own divinity, then it becomes clear, in time, why things unfolded the way they did. We must keep in mind that the Creator always reveals his vastness and infinite wisdom to mortal minds over time. In the same way you must always look at the actions of a true Spiritual Master over time. Above all, it is important for us to work upon ourselves constantly in order to ensure that in a moment of forgetfulness we do not become reactive and hurt anyone who has done something that, according to our mortal perception, is seen as being wrong or having caused us frustration or anger. Our perception of reality can change our reality, and through our words and actions we can change that reality for others as well. If we choose to see sunshine then that is what we will see, and we will not give power to the dark clouds that loom to spoil the day. If we choose to focus on the negative aspect of everything, then negativity will penetrate the way we see everything. If we choose to go through our challenges with a smile on our face, then our challenges will never have a chance to cling to us like mud. When, through a lack of consciousness, we choose to give the power of our good feelings and of our joy over to somebody who is excessively critical, then we allow our good feelings and joy to be clouded by their negativity. As a result of giving away our power, we spiral down and down into the mud. Do not allow an overly critical person to make you feel negative. Some overly critical people often have unreasonably high expectations of their own accomplishments and personal behavior. Most of them are smart, talented and effective. Sometimes they are so set in their ways that their narrowmindedness causes them to constantly complain and look down on those who do not share their limited view of life If someone is criticizing everything that others and you are doing, maintain your sense of positivity and do not allow them to pull you in their negative storm. Never accept another personโ€™s reality as your own. Do not identify with another personโ€™s opinion unless it makes you a better person. Do not place too much importance on other peopleโ€™s opinion about you unless it makes you better human being. Visit to download the MP3. Keywords: how to control your emotions how to control your emotions in the moment how to control negative emotions how to control your emotions during a difficult conversation overreacting how to stop reacting emotionally how to stop reacting how to stop reacting in anger

Name The Power of Not Reacting | Stop Overreacting | How to Control Your Emotions
Dr. Levry
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