[4K] Gears 5 ⚙ Act I - Chapter 2: Diplomacy \ Xbox One X Enhanced Gear of War 5 Gameplay

Act I CHAPTER 2: Diplomacy Number of Collectibles: 5 Number of Components: 2 This chapter is short and pretty much story, after the cutscene you start on Baird's lab, he gives you Jack, an updated drone with new abilities, before you follow Baird, go get the 1st Collectible, (Photograph of Kilo Squad) in a desk near the stairs. Now follow Baird and go left to get the 2nd Collectible, (Mark 3 Lancer Blueprint) at the top of the crate. Go to the right side of the room and take the 3rd Collectible,(Trauma Record: Marcus Fenix). Take the Combat Module and proceed to the shooting range. Grab a weapon and some ammo, next take cover to start the training, Iris will spawn some robots to you test Jack's Flash ability, which stuns the enemy getting them out of cover, you can restart the training if you want, after you complete the training return the weapons to the locker and go to the armory to get an upgrade for Jack. When you reach back in Baird's lab you can interact with some objects in the area, after you leave the lab a cutscene will trigger where you encounter Fahz, after that you can interact with the robot in the ground, now go to your right to find the 4th Collectible, (Gym Notice to Trainees) in the wall between a bin can and a cabinet. Next, go to the next room to get the first component to upgrade Jack, take the fist Component on the table, upgrade Jack then go to the lockers to get 1 Component in an open locker. You can inspect Fahz locker and the armors on the corner of the room, go back to the corridor and proceed to the objective, before you open the door go to your left to find the 5th and last Collectible, (DBI Marketing Brochure) in the bench. After you clear the area, open the door and advance and end the chapter. Gears 5 is a third-person shooter video game developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. It is the sixth installment of the Gears of War series, and is the second Gears of War game not to be developed by Epic Games. The ultimate edition was released on September 6, 2019. The standard edition of the game was released worldwide on September 10, 2019 to generally favourable reviews. Gameplay In addition to single-player gameplay, the game supports three-player local split screen or online cooperative gameplay. Synopsis Setting Gears 5 focuses on Kait Diaz (Laura Bailey), an Outsider of Locust descent. As Kait, the player must uncover the origins of the Locust and Kait's family. Gears of War 4 protagonist James Dominic "JD" Fenix (Liam McIntyre), his best friend Delmont "Del" Walker (Eugene Byrd), and JD's father Marcus Fenix (John DiMaggio) also return. Plot Following the events of the previous game, JD, Del, and Marcus are officially reinstated in the COG Army along with Kait, who is given the rank of corporal. Reformed as the new Delta Squad, they travel to the ruins of Azura at Damon Baird's request in order to launch a Hammer of Dawn satellite in an effort to restore the Hammer of Dawn network. After doing this, they return to the COG capital, New Ephyra, but Baird informs them that he still cannot locate the other satellites. First Minister Jinn finds out about the launch and orders them not to restore the network, since it would go against the wishes of the late Anya Stroud, who had decided to permanently decommission the Hammer of Dawn. Jinn receives word that Settlement 2 is under attack by the Swarm and sends JD's squad to assist the evacuation. Accompanying them in defending the settlement are Augustus Cole, Clayton Carmine, his niece Lizzie, and Fahz Chutani, JD and Del's former squadmate. It is revealed during the battle that JD, Del, and Fahz had previously been deployed in Settlement 2 to quell a riot which resulted in the death of civilians and prompted JD and Del to go AWOL. During a heated argument with Del, Fahz reveals that JD gave him the order to open fire on the civilians, causing Del and Kait to lose trust in JD. As the Swarm attacks intensify and threaten to destroy the evacuation convoy, JD orders Baird to fire the Hammer of Dawn prematurely. While the Swarm forces are annihilated, the Hammer of Dawn malfunctions and begins firing wildly. JD saves a group of civilians but is badly injured after failing to save Lizzie from being killed by the Hammer strikes. Four months later, Kait and Del arrive at an Outsider village situated in the skeleton of the Riftworm to try convince them to join the COG. NO COMMENTARY GAME-PLAY #fru77y Video Games Guide Solo and Coop PLAYTHROUGH Complete Campaign Story 100% WALK-THROUGH Puzzle Solution LET'S PLAY

Name [4K] Gears 5 ⚙ Act I - Chapter 2: Diplomacy \ Xbox One X Enhanced Gear of War 5 Gameplay
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