近视眼手术会有后遗症吗 孙冉 首都医科大学宣武医院

近视眼手术会有后遗症吗 孙冉 首都医科大学宣武医院 23近视眼手术会有后遗症吗,近视眼手术,从一九八几年到现在,已经30多年历史了。最早的一些人都到现在,已经有30多年快40年了。没有发现一些特别严重的,一些后遗症,早期手术因为一般,都是用一些板层刀在做手术。然后它毕竟切掉了一部分的,角膜组织,然后破坏掉了一部分角膜神经,可能早期会有一些人,出现干眼症的情况。现在是一个全激光时代,近视眼手术已经全部用激光,替代了角膜刀了,所以出现干眼症的人,已经越来越少了。但是也会有一些人,做完手术以后会出现眼睛干,甚至是干眼症的情况。这是它一个可能会有的后遗症,但是这种几率相对来说,已经越来越低,可控了。第二个就是,角膜手术的话,它去掉了一部分角膜组织,让角膜变薄了,角膜变薄了以后就会出现,角膜的一个扩张的可能,因为眼睛是个密闭的球体,里边填充的东西是一些水,我们叫房水,这些房水是有压力的,我们叫眼压。它会对角膜有一定的压力,如果角膜变薄了话,就跟那气球似的,你可能某一个位置,它就凸起来了,凸起来以后,他这样的视觉质量就不好了,我们叫角膜扩张。所以有一些人就是度数过高,角膜切得过薄,就可能会有这样的一些风险,此外就是根据不同的手术方式,你比如说在做飞秒的过程中,眼睛要做一些负压的吸引,这些负压的吸引的过程中,也有一部分人少见的人,可能会对眼底的视网膜,血管,造成一些影响,可能会出现视网膜脱离,眼睛出血这种风险。但是这种人很少,往往是这样的人的眼底,在手术之前就已经不健康,才会出现这种术后的,这种并发症。总体来说近视眼手术的,这风险,并发症已经越来越少了,安全度越来越高了。随着这个设备的改善,手术方式的进步,这种方式已经越来越少了,安全度还是很高的。 Can myopic operation have sequela Can myopic operation have sequela, Myopia surgery, From 1980 to now, It's more than 30 years old. Some of the first people are now, It's been more than 30 years, almost 40 years. We didn't find anything particularly serious, Some sequelae, Early surgery because of general, It's all done with some scalpels. And then it cut off part of it, Corneal tissue, And then they destroyed part of the corneal nerve, There may be some people in the early days, Dry eye. It's an all laser era, Laser has been used for myopia surgery, Instead of a corneal scalpel, So people with dry eyes, It's getting less and less. But there will be some people, Dry eyes will appear after the operation, Even dry eye. This is a possible sequela, But the odds are relatively good, It's getting lower and lower, It's under control. The second is, For corneal surgery, It removes part of the cornea, It thins the cornea, When the cornea becomes thinner, it will appear, A possible expansion of the cornea, Because the eye is a closed sphere, It's filled with water, Our name is Fangshui, The water in these houses is pressurized, We call it intraocular pressure. It puts some pressure on the cornea, If the cornea becomes thinner, It's like that balloon, You may be in a certain position, It bulges, When it's raised, His visual quality is not good, We call it corneal dilation. So there are some people who are too high, The cornea is too thin, There may be some risks, In addition, according to different surgical methods, For example, in the process of femtosecond, The eye should do some negative pressure suction, In the process of suction of these negative pressures, There are also some rare people, It may be to the retina of the fundus, blood vessel, Some of the impact, Retinal detachment may occur, The risk of bleeding in the eyes. But there are very few of them, It's often the eye base of such people, It was unhealthy before the operation, That's what happens, This complication. In general, myopia surgery, This risk, There are fewer complications, Security is getting higher and higher. With the improvement of this equipment, The progress of surgical methods, It's less and less, The security is still very high.

Name 近视眼手术会有后遗症吗 孙冉 首都医科大学宣武医院
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